Delivering Software Engineering and Consulting

17+ years of Experience

What do we provide?

High-quality consulting, offshoring, for every part of your digital transformation

Software Consulting & Development

Build software that powers business results by combining deep technical expertise with industry know-how.

Software Product Engineering

Bring modernization, digitalization, and the benefits of innovative technology within reach by providing the knowledge, skills, and human resources.


Delivering the right quality software at the right time

Our goal is to create business value for our customers – and technology helps us do so. We are the multiplier that provides high-end development capabilities, with teams that create the right engineering culture that organizations need to stay ahead of the competition.

Our focus on quality ensures a predictable and sustainable pace of software delivery from start to finish.

About Lavegatech

We are Lavega, a company of and by software engineering professionals. We invest in our people, our facilities, and our capabilities. We require and provide continuing education and professional development.